Hello folks, today we gonna discuss a little about the evolving IOT(internet of things) technology. The basic understanding of IOT in my point of view would be, “communicating, collecting and sharing data with mechanical, digital or physical devices with the help of internet”. For example, lets take a simple chair that has minimal features/functions to fulfill can be turned into rocking chair by cramming sensors into it. Apart from its simplicity, we can transform it into an IOT device with internet connection and can be controlled, receive and transmit data.


• System of interrelated computing devices, mechanical & digital machines, objects, animals or people with unique identifiers.

• Transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.


  1. Sensor
  2. Connectivity (Data to Cloud)
  3. Data Processing
  4. User Interface


  • Air Pollution Meter
  • Smart Garage Door
  • Blind Stick
  • Humidity & Temperature Monitor
  • Baggage Tracker
  • Face Detection using OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision Library) and Arduino etc.

Part 2 ( Arduino )

Node.js , Socket.io, Heroku(Cloud Hosting Platform) Installations / Basics

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